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Business practice shows that with business moving to the network, more and more businesses decide to rent a virtual office. A virtual office presents a lot of benefits for an entrepreneur. One of them is saving time and money. You don’t have to spend any more time on appearing at the post office in order to receive a warning. The virtual office will do it for you and send you a scan. All you have to do is give the appropriate power of attorney. The second most popular advantage is that you will separate your domicile from the registration address of your company.

Virtual Office – a really cheap service

Renting a virtual office can start from 39 PLN per month. Everything depends on your business needs. If you only want to receive mail without registration, this service can be very cheap. Registration address is already a bit more expensive. It all depends on what kind of packages are interesting for you. We know of cases of companies that started from the lowest package and with the development of their company bought packages of greater value.


Coworking is designed for companies that are interested in renting an office without long-term commitments. As a result, you can gradually migrate your business to the office without having to rent all the premises at once. You use a shared infrastructure, which in the end proves to be definitely cheaper for you. Many large companies started this way because of the savings.

How big is the offer

The offer is very versatile. It allows you to adjust the set of services to your own needs.

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